Three Thoughts

1)  STRAP IT IN!  I went to the grocery store and watched a woman as she searched frantically for her missing purse.  She had turned her back to pick out some produce and when she turned around, her purse was gone.  Some one was watching and patiently waiting for the perfect opportunity.  All the woman in our family strap it in.  Wrap the seatbelt around your handles several times and click it in.  Face it.  Your purse IS one of your babies!


Public bathrooms….Blech. Especially with little kids. It seems like even with the toilet seat cover, your children’s legs or underpants are touching something…..unpleasant.  By simply folding the central piece of the paper cover out and over the front of the toilet, instead of in the bowl, you can change the germ situation by a mile.


so this…

doesn’t get in this.  Did you know that if you cover ice cream with tin foil instead of plastic, the ice clings to the foil and doesn’t get on your ice cream?  Now you do.  No more freezer burn. Mmmmmm.  Just in time for summer.


Up, Up and Away! Bubble Stabilizer

It’s finally Spring. The kids want to be out. You WANT the kids to be out. It’s perfect “bubble weather”. This is the best bubble solution recipe I’ve found. If you make it the night before it’s even better. Scoot your kiddies out the door.

  • 1/2 cup liquid dish soap (Dawn or Joy work best, but anything will do)
  • 1 tsp glycerin
  • 1/2 water

Glycerin added to bubbles makes them more “hearty”. They will blow bigger and float longer without breaking. You can purchase glycerin in the pharmacy section of the grocery store. It’s only a couple of dollars and will last forever. Glycerine is used in the making of some soaps, skin products and even food. It’s slimy, sweet and safe.

When my children were small, our favorite way to blow bubbles was with a set of paper or plastic disposable cups. Cut the bottom inch or two off the bottom of one of the cups. Do it as neatly as possible so there aren’t any jagged edges. Fill the other cup about 1/3 of the way up with bubble solution. Dip the bottomless cup into the cup of solution, pull it out and blow through the wide end into the cup. TaDa. If you blow slowly the bubbles get really big.

It’s fun to make a big batch of bubbles and pour it into a serve yourself drink container with a spout. That way the kids can refill their own cup when they need more.

Try it, you’ll be blown away!