Good Things Come In Threes

Good Things Do Come In Threes

Good Things Come In Threes. For example. Soccer socks. After soccer they are just giant, rolled up, football-sized space suckers in the sock drawer. You can’t really use them as socks. I mean you could but….anyway. We just got dumped on here in Utah. Almost 20″ of snow in one week. The kids wanted to go out and play in the snow, over and over and over. Hence, the sock shortage. We were down to the soccer socks. Out of desperation, a great idea was born!

*Soccer socks are long. NO snow between the socks and the snow pants .

*Soccer socks aren’t quitters. (They stay up), No sliding down and jammin’ into your boot
like a hot dog bun (personal experience).

*Soccer socks are thicker than regular socks.

*Soccer socks ARE snow socks.

You’re welcome.

Good Things Do Come In ThreesMaybe this is old news to all of you, but someone shared this trick with me and I didn’t know it before. When you’re making Rice Krispie squares or anything gooey that has to be pressed down, put butter on your hands. Simple trick but look at the difference between the buttered hand and the unbuttered hand. (It does leave you with less to lick off though).

Good Things Do Come In ThreesOne day I was just wondering what would happen if I put the anti-moisture packets in my spinach and lettuce. I did an experiment just for you. Totally works. When you put an anti-moisture packet in the plastic container, when you open it a week later, there isn’t even condensation on the top of the lid. None. Zero. Zilch. It would probably work in a Ziplock bag too. That little tid-bit saves me, I don’t know about you, but I’m a greens chucker because I can’t always use them fast enough. You can buy the anti moisture packets at an emergency preparedness store, or just use one from another food product. I also freeze spinach to add to soup or smoothies. Works like a charm.

Why Didn’t I Think Of That!


I’m sure this isn’t what Oprah was talking about when referring to an “Aha” moment, but it has been one for me. This little trick has been a life changer. When I have a sick child, I constantly question myself about a missed dose.  Sadly, I like to check things off too, it makes me feel productive. I saw this idea  with a.m. and p.m. on a medicine bottle, and added a date on the side to be extra over the top. If your medication is taken two times daily make two columns. Three times a day, three columns etc.  This idea come in handy when more than one of your children is sick or taking more than one prescription.

I took this picture, but this wasn’t my idea.  I wish I could give credit where credit is due for this one.  Whoever you are, THANK YOU!