Putting the Candy in CandyLand

Candy Land

Why haven’t I thought of this before? I’ve asked myself that question 20 times this week. While traveling in San Diego I found and bought a “chocolate” version of the popular children’s game, Candy Land. I bought it from the Candy Bandit in a boutique called: “Lucky U” in La Jolla. Anywho, as the mother of young children I’ve decided this is a great way to use up old Halloween candy or just make the stakes higher in a friendly game of Candy Land. It would be a fun tradition for your family when you have a night at home, or a great activity when cousins or friends come over. It might even be fun to have several games at once for a birthday party. Face it. Candy Land with candy automatically makes YOU the coolest. Candy Land is one of those games everyone seems to have, especially if you have young children. And candy? Sadly I could head in several directions in my home and find a treat. O.K. Treats… With an “s”. The rules of Candy Land are simple and with the added bonus of a treat here and there…I mean come on. My kids are going crazy for it, but it could just be the sugar talking…

Candy Land Chocolate Edition
Play groups, Activity Days, Cub Scouts…Yep and Yum.
Candy in Candy Land


Tangled Birthday Party

Phew!  It’s over!  This has been the biggest, behind the scene birthday party to date.  If you want more information leave a comment and I will bore give you more detail.

This tower is 21 donuts high.  When all was said and done it ended up being around 3 feet 7 inches tall.  The kids couldn’t believe it.  I placed it on my island for dramatic purposes.  It truly “towered” over them!


To try to maintain some order,  I had three different stations set up.  Two were games, one was a craft.  We rotated the kids between stations to keep them engaged.  I bought several small items as prizes for the games.  They got to choose between: pencils, bouncy balls, bubbles, play dough, bracelets, erasers, stickers and finger puppets.

The first game was a “Pin the Pan on Flynn”.  We blindfolded the kids with a sleeping mask and had them try to pan Flynn in the face.

The “Maximus Apple Toss” was next.  Can you see how cute the apple bean bags are?  Sending a shout out to my friend Debra for hooking me up with those.  (Learning to sew is on my Resolution list)


The last station was the lantern craft.  All you need is heavyweight construction paper, scissors, crayons and stickers.  They are so simple.  Fold the construction paper in half.  Cut, (starting at the fold) across the paper stopping about an inch before the edge. There were roughly 5 to 6 evenly spaced lines per paper.   I had the kids decorate the lanterns with sticker and crayons.  Didn’t they turn out cute?  The kids absolutely loved them!


I placed a paint set (Remember Rapunzel was a painter) in sacks for the kids.   I used a mailing label to stick on the paints, thanking the kids for coming to the party.  They placed all their prizes, the coloring page and donut remainders in their sack to spare us from the whines of who’s prize was who’s.

All the kids had a blast.  I am tired, but luckily it’s a family tradition to go out to dinner to a place of the birthday person’s choice.