Thinking Outside the Valentine Box

Valentine Box or Decoration

Yea, we know.  It’s practically Valentine’s Day. Where’s that Lovezilla “love day” post?  Well, here’s a little beauty that will light up your Valentine’s Day porch or a room in your house. We bought some inexpensive packing boxes. 14x14x14. You can purchase them anywhere: Target, Walmart, even the grocery store for about $.75.  Then, using all those 90% off Christmas lights we found (or you already have) we made a light up decoration that was pretty slick and easy. First, decide which design you would like. Because it’s Valentine’s Day we chose a simple “x” and “o”, and the word: “love”, but a heart shape would be great as well. Any month of the year has endless possibilities: A shamrock for St. Patrick’s day, U.S.A. for July, a pumpkin or “BOO” for a Halloween. How about your child’s name, Happy Birthday, or a gender reveal? Hmmmm. I’m rambling.  Anyway, with a piece of chalk or a pencil, sketch a pattern of your choice on the box.  Then, using a small screwdriver or even a pencil, poke holes through the box following the pattern.  The holes should be about one inch apart and large enough to just barely push the lights inside.  Set the box up leaving one side open.  Start with the plug less end of the string of lights and push the lights through the holes from the inside of the box.  Pop, pop, pop.  Easy.  Be sure to leave enough cord to stick out of the box when you close it.  Every so often I had a light that slipped out and wouldn’t stay.  If that happens, use a glue gun to put a tiny spot of glue near the hole.  Problem solved.

Love lights

You can paint the boxes, Mod Podge them with cute paper, tie them together, or stack them.  Put them on your porch, in your family room…. You got this.  It would be THE coolest Valentine box if you used a battery operated light string.  You’ve got a couple days.  Hurry.








Valentine Ideas!


I don’t know how it works in your school, but our children had to make and bring their own Valentine’s boxes for Valentines Day.  None of that ” Hey, let’s make these all together at school so mom isn’t stressed”. Making Valentine boxes at home made it seem like a competition.

My oldest daughter made a toilet one year.  It was a shoebox on its end glued to a #10 can. We covered it with white paper and rigged it so the lid lifted when you flushed it.  I’m embarrassed to admit she wrote “Dump your Valentines here”.  It was a family icon.  Every child used it until it literally “pooped out”.

Here are some self explanatory Valentine’s day ideas that may spark some thoughts in your head.  The kleenex box has Valentine treats in it.  It might be fun to make one for the “LOVE BUGS” in your life.

There’s always the toilet idea.