“Tic Tac You” Is Finally Here!

Tic-Tac-You App Icon

After much waiting, Tic Tac You is FINALLY here.

We’ve had quite a year.  Really.  We LOVED starting a blog and creating ideas.  We loved other people’s ideas and meeting together to plan what we’d do next.  We don’t live particularly close to each other.  My mom would call us G.U.’s. which means: “geographically undesirable”.  Who knew when planning what we’d do next, it would include developing an App?!

After many months, blood, sweat and tears, our App is finally available for purchase in the iTunes App store.  We are really proud of the finished product.  It is a completely family friendly game that your kids will LOVE!  Let me tell you a little bit about it:  We put a spin on the classic game Tic Tac Toe.  You play the game with your friends and family featuring pictures instead of the standard X and O’s .  Tic Tac You is a game starring YOU with anyone or anything as your opponent. Tic Tac You is an easy strategy game that can be played by the whole family. This game is so simple and fun, anyone can play! To begin a game, take a snap shot of yourself, others or objects with our in app camera or use existing photo’s from your camera roll. There is a warping feature that can turn it into a hilarious masterpiece.  You can play multiple games at once, or use the “Pass and Play” option. Search for friends via Game Center and let the fun begin.  Click here or on the icon above to be directed to the iTunes Store to buy it…go ahead, we’ll wait…


April Fools

I had no clue that my daughter’s teacher had prepared her for April Fools day, so when she offered me a brownie, I gladly accepted.  Little did I know I would be getting a brown “e”.  I thought this was too cute, easy and clever not to share.  You still have time to make brown “e’s” for dinner.

Shamrock Brownie Cut Outs

I pride myself on trying to be a fun person.  That doesn’t mean that I’m fun all the time mind you.  You catch me from Halloween to Christmas and I will be on my “A” game, but when it comes to the other holidays, I struggle.  I was trying to decide what the equivalent of a  Christmas  ” bah humbug”  would be for St. Patrick’s Day.  I came up with a ” Crabby Paddy”. (Any Sponge Bob fans out there)?  Maybe when you look at this blog you think I’m being too hard on myself. Maybe you imagine I just run around doing festive things for my children from dawn till dusk.   Nope.  As you read, please remember this:  There are two sisters creating this blog.   ONE of us is a little more into the kid “hoopla”. ( Rhymes with:  “It’s her”).  Anyway…this post is to bring hope to the hopeless.  You don’t have to own a Cricket or a Silhouette.  You don’t have to have printables with cute St. Patrick’s Day themes, or spend a lot of money to be “fun”.  Most kids don’t care how much effort you put into something, they’re just happy when you do.

If you own a shamrock cookie cutter, here are some quick and easy St. Patrick’s day ideas. If  you don’t own one, get one. (unless you can freehand it).  Bahahaha.

  • Brownie shamrocks (Make the mix in a jelly roll pan instead of a 9×13 so they are thinner).* Eat extra pieces.
  • Rice Krispie shamrocks (Same as above.  Thinner is easier). Eat extra pieces.
  • Pancakes with green food coloring added to the mix.  Make pancakes and cut them with the cutter.* Eat extra pieces
  • Cut their sandwich with the cutter for lunch.*Eat extra pieces
  • Use the cutter to trace a shamrock on paper for backpack for a note in a backpack. * Don’t eat extra pieces.

The possibilities are endless.  Remember you can keep it simple and be “fun”.  Oh, and if you happen to run into a lady with a shamrock painted on her face on the 17th, make sure to say, “Hi!”….Cuz it might be me!

Indoor Smores

This activity reminds me of my childhood.  Smores.  Mmmmm.  I loved them, but my mother and I never made it past the cooking and eating of the toasted marshmallows.  Whenever we made Rice Krispie treats there were always about 10 marshmallows left in the bag.  Perfect.  If we were craving something sweet, we always had 10 marshmallows on hand.  We would turn on the burner to our electric stove and wait for the orange glow, then we would toast marshmallows on a fork.  They were always fun to make and eat, and on the plus side, you didn’t smell like a campfire.

I made some Rice Krispie Treats today, and the tradition rolled over into my own home.   We had graham crackers and plenty of left over Hershey Kisses from Valentine’s Day.  I used long wooden skewers instead of forks, so  little fingers didn’t get too close to the flame. ( I ran the skewers under water first to prevent them from catching on fire).  Speaking of fire….A marshmallow toasting on the stove, (electric or gas), CATCHES ON FIRE EASILY!  Make sure this project is done with a responsible adult.


My daughter's marshmallow on fire...again.


This easy treat is fun to play around with.  I love dark chocolate on mine and use chocolate chips because they melt easily.  You could use pretzels, peanut butter, Reese’s, coconut or whatever tickles your taste buds.  Try using peeps instead of marshmallows.  They’re available at practically every holiday.  You’ll be a happy camper!

P.S.  Tried a new one today.  Peanut butter, chocolate covered pretzels,(instead of graham crackers) and marshmallows.  My eyes rolled back in my head… Really.