Emergency Fire Starter

Fire Starter 

In the last 4 months, we’ve had: ( no lie), no power, frozen pipes, two floods and a broken water heater. Obviously it’s time for another emergency preparedness tip. This ones a cinch to put together and hopefully will NOT be needed anytime soon.
This emergency fire starter kit can be kept on hand in your storage or garage or thrown in with your camping gear.
We used a plastic container simply because it’s not breakable. This container originally held miniature marshmallows, but any jar will do.

Wooden “strike anywhere” matches
Cotton balls or make-up removing pads dipped in wax*

We cut a piece of sandpaper to fit under the lid for a quick match strike pad, but you could just put a piece inside the jar.
The wax dipped pieces insure something dry to start a fire in your fireplace or campfire and they are great fuel! We made several to put in different locations in the house and out. We hope we don’t need them but they’re there.
These kits would be fun to make with a group of scouts or as a family if you pick a night to discuss emergencies. You could even make some as gifts for your family member’s emergency kits.
Be prepared. Not scared. That’s our motto.

* We dipped the cotton balls/ pads in melted scented wax that was ready to be dumped.