Frozen Party: Some People Are Worth Melting For…

Frozen Cake

Parties are hard, but truly some people are worth melting for…(or having a melt down for).  BUT , “Let it go, let it go”…. and face it.  If you have kids you may be giving a FROZEN party.  When  I told my  5, (soon to be 6 ), year old daughter this was her “not party” year, she was crushed to the core.  She wanted a “Frozen” party.  Obviously, this should have been a, “sorry, but no”, however, there IS this blog thing….

The middle of January was a great time to have a party because Christmas stuff is practically being thrown at you by all the stores. All the party decorations: lights, lights, more lights AND snowflakes, icicles, silver and blue Christmas decorations were all 90% off.  This party was spectacular and totally on the cheap.  We had the party at night because when the children came in and all the lights were on it was GLORIOUS. Really.  It took their breath away.

Frozen Party Olaf poster

We turned a free printable from Disney (found here) into a poster from Sam’s Club and used him as a welcome decoration on the door for the party.

Frozen Party Olaf Welcome


Who doesn’t love Olaf?

Frozen Party characters

I made the cake at home with a flower mold ( any shape would be great), and used icing to make a snowflake pattern on top. It didn’t have to be perfect because we used a Frozen character figurine set purchased from Amazon (found here) on top of the cake. I made ice cream scoops earlier and put them in cute cupcake wrappers. They were sprinkled with blue sprinkles. I served the ice cream with cupcakes that were also decorated with blue, white and pink candies and sprinkles.

Frozen Party Cake Display


I placed the cake on a clear ice bucket turned upside down.  I put lights underneath the ice bucket  so when the room was dark it would look like a lit up frozen ice castle. The lights I used were similar to these . They are battery powered so there were no cords to worry about.  I used the cardboard scene from the box of figurines inside the bucket to hide the lights and add to the flare.  We also used blue Hawaiian Punch  mixed with 7-up or Sierra Mist in a drink dispenser that had small glow stick bracelets underneath it!  ( I know right?)

Frozen Party Hair Clip

We made beautiful snowflake hair clips.  I cut out the snowflake shapes out of felt and glue gunned them to the clip.  The girls picked colors and assembled their hair clips with sticky gems and glue dots.

Hair craft idea from

Frozen Party Ice Painting

As the children were arriving, they colored coloring book pages from the movie. It was a great activity to do while they waited for everyone to come.  After all the children had arrived, they painted snowflakes on black paper with equal parts Epsom salts and water. I found this idea on My Sister’s Suitcase.  The kids loved it.  I told them to look at their paintbrushes and make sure they could see the “ice” sticking to their brush , that way they would know their snowflakes would turn out extra icy and sparkly.

Frozen Party Icicle hats and Sven antlers


I purchased “Sven antlers” from JoAnn’s on Christmas clearance. * If it’s not Christmas time, you can find a pattern to make tiaras and antlers here.  The princess ice castle tiaras  and glowing  “icicles” were purchased at Zurchers.

Castle Icicles

We played FROZEN Freeze dance with the “icicles” from Zurcher’s that were: $ .53  yep. (They are really foam sticks with lights).  It was so fun to play in the dark with the glowing icicles.  We played songs from the Frozen c.d. and then turned off the music and yelled,  “FREEZE”!  This is the world’s shortest video of the freeze game.  (We said THE shortest).

Frozen Party "Freeze" Dance

The kiddies left with a lot of loot.  Their hats or antlers, glowing icicles, snowflake pictures and a cute favor.  these favors were actually  “It’s a boy” suckers, from the baby shower section of  Walmart.  They already had the “thank you” stickers to put on them.  Blue and white swirls for a frozen party?  Perfect , thank you.  I used the remainder of the pictures from the figurines to decorate the box.  The children took one as they left.

This party was such fun and truly magical  for the kids.  It was inexpensive and I’ll use all the ornaments and decorations for Christmas next year or other parties.  If you missed the Christmas clearance, you may have to dig around in your basement and haul some lights again, but hey “let it go”!

Frozen party favor