Chore Charts

I made this chore chart with the help and motivation of a good friend. (Thank you). I wanted my kids play a bigger role in keeping the house clean. My children love see the progress they’re making by moving their chore from “To Do” to “Done”.

I purchased the SPONTAN Magnetic board, white for $12.99 from Ikea.  You could use a ruler and a marker to make columns, but I used vinyl.  The chore bubbles are made from card stock, glass vase fillers, magnets, mod podge and a glue gun.  You could also use clothes pins with a magnet on it to attach a list.  If you have small children that can not read, pictures could be used to describe the desired chore.  Whatever works for you right?

I have seen many chore charts out there lately.  I really like this one from a Pinterest user upload.  My kids are always asking to have some allowance.  I would make sure it’s clear that there is no limit to how many they can do, but they have to do a predefined amount at minimum.

These chore charts are adorable.  They are from the Etsy shop called Abbie’s House.  Click here to check them out if you’re not feeling crafty.

Confessions of a Homeschooler also has a free printable to make this chore chart.  Click here to visit the site.


I hope this helps motivate you to share the burden of cleaning with the people who are actually making the mess.