Altoids Tins Are Curiously Helpful

Headphone holderI am a runner.  I love saying that.  There are no requirements to be a runner, other than actually running.  There is no test to pass.  When I run I HAVE to listen to music.  It helps my mind not listen to my body trying to talk itself into turning around and crawling home.  I love my little Altoids tin turned headphone holder.  It’s perfect for throwing in your gym bag or putting in your running shoes so you never leave home without them.  And what’s better than not leaving them at home is not having to detangle them!  I used Mod Podge to attach an inspiring saying.  The instructions are the same as the Tooth Fairy box found here.  Just so we are all clear, you don’t even need to exercise.  Not having tangled headphones are always a bonus, but if you do exercise, happy trails!

DIY Tooth Fairy Box

I have to admit I was surprised that my daughter was so fond of this easy DIY Tooth Fairy Box.  Sometimes I forget how simple things can be. Often, we’re the complicators. This easy craft was a pleasant reminder to simplify, because I like simple, it’s so…..simple.  However, if you’re one of those “complicators”  you can easily whip out some cute fabric and embellishments and glam this craft up as much as you like.  If you’re making it for a boy, the box could make to look like a car, toolbox or a super hero. But as for now, I’m going to keep it simple.

This is the reason we made the box today. You can see why it was a total emergency that it be done….by night fall.

 I did this the speediest way possible, ( it was an emergency you know).  I drew a tooth on a piece of printer paper.  Looking back I could have used cardstock because the embossing on the Altoids box is pretty deep.  I traced the tooth with a sharpie and simply colored around it.  I cut the paper to fit the top of the Altoids tin and Mod Podged it on.  The end. Tada.

I don’t know about your Tooth Fairy but ours has a hard time finding those microscopic toothies under heads and poofy pillows. This is a way to fix that little problem.  ALSO I bet she could fit some money in there!

She is one smart fairy!