Putting the Candy in CandyLand

Candy Land

Why haven’t I thought of this before? I’ve asked myself that question 20 times this week. While traveling in San Diego I found and bought a “chocolate” version of the popular children’s game, Candy Land. I bought it from the Candy Bandit in a boutique called: “Lucky U” in La Jolla. Anywho, as the mother of young children I’ve decided this is a great way to use up old Halloween candy or just make the stakes higher in a friendly game of Candy Land. It would be a fun tradition for your family when you have a night at home, or a great activity when cousins or friends come over. It might even be fun to have several games at once for a birthday party. Face it. Candy Land with candy automatically makes YOU the coolest. Candy Land is one of those games everyone seems to have, especially if you have young children. And candy? Sadly I could head in several directions in my home and find a treat. O.K. Treats… With an “s”. The rules of Candy Land are simple and with the added bonus of a treat here and there…I mean come on. My kids are going crazy for it, but it could just be the sugar talking…

Candy Land Chocolate Edition
Play groups, Activity Days, Cub Scouts…Yep and Yum.
Candy in Candy Land


Party Graffiti

Christmas Graffiti Grinch

Wrap more than just presents this year… Wrap your kitchen or dining room table with paper! We just had a family get together and EVERYONE, young and “old” loved to add their artistic flair to the paper tablecloth. It was a fun way for the kiddies to keep busy as we waited for food and people to arrive. The cousins loved adding to each other’s pictures and the activity went on long after the meal was over. After dinner the clean up was a breeze. It will be a family tradition for sure. Get together and color on the furniture!

*Our paper came on a roll from Ikea, but the meat counter at your local grocer has some too.

Christmas Graffiti Santa