Party For Three

Easter is over.  Have you tripped over any of the stuffed Easter toys yet?If you have, your problems are officially over! Those stuffed bunnies and beanie animals just need a place to be.

Sometimes when Im breaking up a box to be recycled I wonder if there’s something else that box could be.  I found an old clementine box that was part cardboard and part wood.  It had to be made into something right?  It wasn’t garbage or recycling and it was pretty sturdy.  My girls always used cardboard boxes or shoeboxes as beds or cars for their babies.  When my son came along he did the same thing, (in a manly way) with his Power Rangers and super heroes

This crate looked like a table or a bed to me, so why not both?  If you want to make one, first you’ll need to find an old tangerine or clementine crate. ( When this bed/table was finished, I found great tangerine boxes at the grocery store that were curvy and cool and probably much easier to paint).  When you have your crate, put it flat side down on a piece of cardboard, trace it and cut it out. Once you have the table top cut, you can paint the crate.  It will take about two coats of acrylic or spray paint.

While your crate is drying you can cover the table top.  Using scrapbook paper, wrap the table top just like a gift so the ends are folded over and they look more finished.  Next, Mod Podge the table top to make it more sturdy.  We used two coats. When the Mod Podge is dry, use a hot glue gun to glue the table top to the crate. We had some Valentine’s Day floral picks that we glued to the inside of the table legs. It made the table stand up a bit higher.  You could use beads or blocks or leave it “as is”.

We know this is a “girly” post, but a crate could be painted in black,blue,purple or red and become a crime fighting table for all your boy’s super heroes with a car on the flip side.  Anything goes!


And after.  Goodnight.

No Green Thumb Required

Spring has sprung and my kids have loved watching their world (the neighborhood) blossom and grow.  They had an absolute blast making these charming little Easter grass baskets.  Everyday they run downstairs to the kitchen window to check the progress the grass has made.  And just like flowers, bringing the grass indoors adds to any room.

Procrastinators read carefully if your planning this for Easter or you will be enjoying a basket o’ dirt if you don’t start by Saturday. Even if you do it later, it would be a darling addition to your home that could be enjoyed for weeks. The grass pictured above was planted a week ago. If you start today you may need to give your grass a trim by Easter.  My kids are looking forward to giving the grass it’s first haircut.  All you need for a spring grass centerpiece is Hard Red Winter Wheat, small rocks, soil and a container.  You can find the Hard Red Winter Wheat at any health food store. It is also known as wheatgrass and is only about $1.20 lb.

Day 5

Once you’ve gathered all your items you can get started.  First you need to put a small layer of rocks, (about 1/4 of the container),in the bottom of the container. Then add soil leaving about an inch to spare at the top.  Spread a generous layer of seeds along the top of the soil.  Next, cover the seeds with a very thin layer of soil. Water immediately and keep the soil damp daily.  I sprayed mine every morning with a spray bottle.  Put your container in a well-lit window.  You’ll start to see the sprouts moving the dirt around on day 2 or 3.  You could even juice the grass for some health benefits when they’re ready!

Hoppy Easter!