You’re Welcome!

If you don’t know what Halo Heaven is, you have been missing out. I have little girls and let’s just say, that when I found this goldmine, I was more than thrilled.  Don’t stop reading if you have boys.  This place has got them covered too.

My sister teaches preschool.  Last year she and her co-teacher bought dress-ups at Halo Heaven.  They bought enough tutu skirts for every girl in class to have one on at the same time.  Ahhh.  No more cat fights and crying.  It cost less to buy those tutus than to buy ONE Disney princess dress.  You do the math.

One of our former blog posts featured an idea for a baby girl shower gift.  “A girl can never have too many shoes” . It’s true, and now you can afford it.

I must warn you to be prepared to go through the motions like I did. First, I was thrilled.  I felt like I was ripping them off.  There is nothing I like more than a bargain.  Then there was denial.  How can this be?  They must charge and arm and a leg for shipping.  Nope.  Shipping is free if you spend $20.00 or more.  Next, I was upset.  Why had I been paying up to $11.00 a piece for one hair bow?  I was a fool.  Now, I am in my “happy place”.  Come and join me there.

Under each picture I have added the price.  To answer the question forming in your mind, No, there are no typos!

I used Halo Heaven for my daughters Fairy Birthday party.  With prices like these I was able to give each guest a tutu, fairy wings, a flower hair bow and a wand to wear during the party.  It was fun to watch them leave wearing their party favors.  I know grandparents who have taken advantage to spoil their grandchildren. They would make a cute addition to a Valentine’s gift.  The possibilities are endless.

What could possibly make this deal sweeter?  Now from February 10th through the 14th Halo heaven is having a 15% off sale, with free shipping on orders of 20.00 or more.  ‎Type in your coupon code “LOVE” and remember to hit the redeem button!

Now you know why this entry is titled, “You’re Welcome”.  And….You’re welcome.