Ore oh’s

Plate Full

Looking for a quick and easy Christmas treat? These yummy dipped Oreos are a family favorite and an easy neighborhood gift. They look like they took all day to make and are ready in minutes. (I love to LOOK like I work harder than I do).
These little gems are DELICIOUS and beautiful. No one will know how fun and easy they are. It’ll be our little secret. Well, as secret as you can be on the internet.

Oreo Bliss

Here’s what you need:

*White chocolate chips ( I also buy premium white chocolate by the pound).
*Vanilla flavored almond bark
*Mint Oreos ( or any other cookie you enjoy)* Trader Joes peppermint Jo Joes are yummy too.
*Crushed candy canes or Andes white chocolate peppermint crunch for decoration (pictured).
*Chocolate flavored almond bark ( to dip or decorate tops).

Oreo Ingredients

Use equal parts white chocolate and white almond bark. Place in a 2-3 cup microwave safe dish and melt 30 seconds at a time. Remove bowl from microwave and stir after each 30 second interval until completely melted.
Place an Oreo in the chocolate and spoon chocolate over it until covered. Lift out the Oreo with a fork and gently tap on the edge of the bowl to discard extra chocolate. Place Oreo on wax paper or parchment. Make 3-5 cookies and then place mint pieces on top before chocolate hardens.

If you want to decorate the Oreos with any of the chocolate flavored bark, melt equal parts of chocolate bark and chocolate chips. (Dark or milk) in 30 second intervals, just as you did with the white chocolate.
Place warm chocolate in a Baggie and cut a small piece out of the corner to “draw” a design on the dried Oreos or dip half of the cookie in the chocolate.

And one last shot of these beauties! Can you believe it started with a single Oreo?