Flanky Panky

Flanky Panky?  Yes.  I have a love affair with this cut of meat.  Especially when it’s grilled to perfection.  Mmmm.  It’s an all time family fave.  It only has two ingredients and you have them at home.

Flank.  It doesn’t sound like it would be tender, but it is, and it’s an easy grill on the bbq steak that you can cook for a crowd,

  • flank steak
  • four cloves of minced garlic. (Garlic salt can be substituted.  It’s as good).
  • low sodium soy sauce

You’ll need a 9×13 Pyrex pan.  If you’re cooking for a group and have a jelly roll pan, it will usually hold two flank steaks.  If not, two cookie sheets with an edge will do.  Fill the bottom of the pan with soy sauce, just enough to fill the bottom evenly.  Place the flank steak in the soy sauce, flip it over and spread with minced garlic or sprinkle garlic salt on the steak.  Let it marinate for 20 minutes or so.  After 20 minutes, flip the meat over and sprinkle with the garlic or garlic salt again.  discard marinade.

Get your BBQ nice and hot, then turn down a bit to medium high and cook each side about 7 minutes.  You can cut in to the middle of the meat and check it.  We like it best cooked medium, but you can’t lose.  The edges will cook more quickly so check the middle.  My kids fight over the edges.

Let the meat sit a minute to heat in its own juice and then cut it in thin slices diagonally against the grain.

Fire up your BBQ.  Winter’s over.