Frozen Party: Some People Are Worth Melting For…

Frozen Cake

Parties are hard, but truly some people are worth melting for…(or having a melt down for).  BUT , “Let it go, let it go”…. and face it.  If you have kids you may be giving a FROZEN party.  When  I told my  5, (soon to be 6 ), year old daughter this was her “not party” year, she was crushed to the core.  She wanted a “Frozen” party.  Obviously, this should have been a, “sorry, but no”, however, there IS this blog thing….

The middle of January was a great time to have a party because Christmas stuff is practically being thrown at you by all the stores. All the party decorations: lights, lights, more lights AND snowflakes, icicles, silver and blue Christmas decorations were all 90% off.  This party was spectacular and totally on the cheap.  We had the party at night because when the children came in and all the lights were on it was GLORIOUS. Really.  It took their breath away.

Frozen Party Olaf poster

We turned a free printable from Disney (found here) into a poster from Sam’s Club and used him as a welcome decoration on the door for the party.

Frozen Party Olaf Welcome


Who doesn’t love Olaf?

Frozen Party characters

I made the cake at home with a flower mold ( any shape would be great), and used icing to make a snowflake pattern on top. It didn’t have to be perfect because we used a Frozen character figurine set purchased from Amazon (found here) on top of the cake. I made ice cream scoops earlier and put them in cute cupcake wrappers. They were sprinkled with blue sprinkles. I served the ice cream with cupcakes that were also decorated with blue, white and pink candies and sprinkles.

Frozen Party Cake Display


I placed the cake on a clear ice bucket turned upside down.  I put lights underneath the ice bucket  so when the room was dark it would look like a lit up frozen ice castle. The lights I used were similar to these . They are battery powered so there were no cords to worry about.  I used the cardboard scene from the box of figurines inside the bucket to hide the lights and add to the flare.  We also used blue Hawaiian Punch  mixed with 7-up or Sierra Mist in a drink dispenser that had small glow stick bracelets underneath it!  ( I know right?)

Frozen Party Hair Clip

We made beautiful snowflake hair clips.  I cut out the snowflake shapes out of felt and glue gunned them to the clip.  The girls picked colors and assembled their hair clips with sticky gems and glue dots.

Hair craft idea from

Frozen Party Ice Painting

As the children were arriving, they colored coloring book pages from the movie. It was a great activity to do while they waited for everyone to come.  After all the children had arrived, they painted snowflakes on black paper with equal parts Epsom salts and water. I found this idea on My Sister’s Suitcase.  The kids loved it.  I told them to look at their paintbrushes and make sure they could see the “ice” sticking to their brush , that way they would know their snowflakes would turn out extra icy and sparkly.

Frozen Party Icicle hats and Sven antlers


I purchased “Sven antlers” from JoAnn’s on Christmas clearance. * If it’s not Christmas time, you can find a pattern to make tiaras and antlers here.  The princess ice castle tiaras  and glowing  “icicles” were purchased at Zurchers.

Castle Icicles

We played FROZEN Freeze dance with the “icicles” from Zurcher’s that were: $ .53  yep. (They are really foam sticks with lights).  It was so fun to play in the dark with the glowing icicles.  We played songs from the Frozen c.d. and then turned off the music and yelled,  “FREEZE”!  This is the world’s shortest video of the freeze game.  (We said THE shortest).

Frozen Party "Freeze" Dance

The kiddies left with a lot of loot.  Their hats or antlers, glowing icicles, snowflake pictures and a cute favor.  these favors were actually  “It’s a boy” suckers, from the baby shower section of  Walmart.  They already had the “thank you” stickers to put on them.  Blue and white swirls for a frozen party?  Perfect , thank you.  I used the remainder of the pictures from the figurines to decorate the box.  The children took one as they left.

This party was such fun and truly magical  for the kids.  It was inexpensive and I’ll use all the ornaments and decorations for Christmas next year or other parties.  If you missed the Christmas clearance, you may have to dig around in your basement and haul some lights again, but hey “let it go”!

Frozen party favor


  1. Darling Party! You guys are so cleaver. Thank you for all of the good ideas you share with us.

  2. HI there! love all your ideas and especially LOVE the Olaf wreath! I was wondering if you have the printable that you made into the poster to make the wreath? I clicked the link and it took me to a different picture of olaf and I really like the full body version. Our party is this weekend so if you have it please let me know. Thanks so much and thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas.


    • Nicole,

      That is just my winter wreath I hang on my door. The link is for printing out the Olaf, which you cut out and place however you’d like. Sorry and good luck with your party!

  3. I love your party! I am looking for the icicles that you used for freeze dance. Can you post the link? Thanks so much!

  4. Hi! Thank you so much for sharing the Olaf printable. I tried to upload it to Sam’s website, but it won’t accept a pdf file. Any tips to change I to a jpg? Thank you!! And thanks for the great ideas.

  5. Is there any way I could convince you to email me the png of Olaf as well?
    Thanks so much for the much needed inspiration 🙂

  6. Heather says:

    Hi there! Looks like I’m not the only one having trouble with the Olaf printout. Would it be too much to ask for you to send me the email of the file you sent to Sam’s club, too? Thanks so much! Btw, your party looked amazing, hope mine turns out half as good! 🙂

  7. Hi, can you send me the Olaf posters? I’m not computer savvy at all, so I just need whatever it is to send to Sams or Costco to print a poster. So cute!

  8. Jennifer says:

    Hello! Could you also send me the file for the PNG Olaf poster please? Thank you so much! Cute party! 🙂

  9. Like your other comments, I’m not sure how to send the Olaf poster to either Sam’s Club, Costco or Walgreens for printing. Thank you! Great pictures by the way.

  10. Do you mind sending me the Olaf in a format I could send to Sams Club. Thanks again for the great ideas! We are going to play pin the nose on Olaf!! Also, do you by chance remember what size of poster your bought?

  11. I’m so sorry to ask u this since it seems like everyone is….but can u please send me the link for Olaf? My 4 year olds party is Friday and she saw your Olaf and absolutely died…..I so very appreciate it, I just can’t seem to upload it…..
    P.S. I am using so many of your ideas, thanks so very much!!

  12. Hi, could you also send me the file for the PNG Olaf poster please? Your party ideas are wonderful. Thank you so much!

  13. I’ve checked my inbox & junk mail. Do you mind trying to send the file again? It did not come through. Thanks!

  14. I’m asking the same lol Could you please send me the link for Olaf? ANd what size poster did you make for him to be that size? Thank you! I love the ideas from your party!

    • Lovezilla says:

      I sent the email. I ordered the 16×20.

      Thanks for checking out our blog and good luck!

      • If you still have the build olaf file in png, would you send it to me. I can’t get the pdf to convert. Thanks! so much. this is so much better than almost $40 for a cutout!

  15. Rita Boarman says:

    Hi. Like the others could I get the Olaf file from you? Thanks for all your time and effort and inspirations.


  16. Rita Boarman says:

    also did you use the collage poster and just put the one picture in? When I do that it cuts him off. I’ve tried shrinking borders and moving with no luck. I did save as a png file with paint, but maybe your file will be better.

  17. I’m so sorry to bother you again, but I have looked thru all of my folders and can’t seem to find the email. Could you try sending it again? I would like to make one for my daughter’s party next week! Thank you so much!

  18. Hello would you mind sending me the email for Samsclub, thanks so much!

  19. Grand daughter wants the frozen party in July, could you send Olaf file as well. And any other ideas. She is turning 6, hard to believe. Thank you

  20. Jennifer says:

    Could you please send me the Olaf file?! Thank you so much!!

  21. Could you please send me the Olaf file? Thank you

  22. stephenie says:

    Just wanted to say I love how sparkly everything was in the dark and how budget friendly everything seemed. I’m trying to round up things for my own little girl’s 6th birthday, Frozen style, for July, and I tried the Olaf link but it’s not working. Did you happen to save it? Could you email it to me? I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!

  23. I can’t seem to find those lighted foam sticks on zurchers website. Do you happen to remember what they are called? Or where you’d find them on there? Thanks!!

  24. Your Frozen Party was absolutely adorable and so creative!! I like many others, would love if you could email me the png file of Olaf so I can make a poster at Sam’s Club…what a great idea and thanks because I had no idea this was even possible until I visited your page. Thank you for the inspiration!! 🙂

  25. Can you send me the Olaf PNG file. So I could make a photo prop for my daughters summer party?

  26. Renee Sullivan says:

    I am going to jump on the wagon here and ask that you PLEASE send me the png file of Olaf for my daughters third birthday party. Thanks so much!

  27. Could you please send me the file for the Olaf printable? Thank you!!

    • Lovezilla says:

      I sent it. Good luck!

      • It never came thru, I checked my inbox and junk folder. Would you be able to send it again? Thanks! You can try this email too,

      • I still have never seen it come through! My daughters party is this Thursday, if you could send it again I’d really appreciate it! 🙂

        • Lovezilla says:

          The problem is probably that the image is too big and Yahoo won’t accept it being that large. Maybe try printing at Walgreens which will print a PDF? I can’t even upload to this site the file to link to because of the size and my web hosting company. I’ll try to find a way to get you a link from a web site my husband has access to.

  28. Thank you so much for the great ideas! My daughter’s 2nd birthday party is next Saturday. We don’t have a Walgreen’s nearby, so would you mind emailing me the converted Olaf poster?

    Thank you!

  29. Jennifer says:

    Could you please send me the file for the Olaf printable? Thank you so much!

  30. Hi love your birthday ideas. You are so awesome to respond to everyone with their needs! I just wanted to tell you that you are so kind to share with others looking for ideas. It is not always easy to find this in people. Thank you for everything. I hope to borrow some of your ideas for a party one day!

  31. Could I also get the email/link for the olaf poster? Thanks so much!! Love your party ideas!!!

  32. Any chance I can also get the link to the Olaf poster? I can’t get it to work. Thanks!

  33. Staci Choate says:

    Could you please send me the link when you get a chance? Thank you so much.

  34. Heather Ricks says:

    Can you send me link for the Olaf poster? We don’t have a Sams or Walgreens close by. And the Walmart site says it has to be a jpeg?? Will yours work? Any help would be great. THANK YOU!

  35. Tiffany says:

    Your party ideas are great! Is there any way you could send me the Olaf poster? I’m trying to upload it to Walgreens to make a poster. They have a 60% off offer only through Saturday that I want to get, but your link is a pdf and I can’t upload it. If you wouldn’t mind sending it to me, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks for sharing all your ideas!!

    • Lovezilla says:

      It’s been sent. Good luck and thanks for the nice comments!

      • Tiffany says:

        Thanks so much! Is it a pretty big file? I haven’t seen it yet. I took the pdf from your site on a card to Walgreens and they said it has to be a jpeg. Bummer! My email is pretty fast, so I’m surprised I haven’t gotten it yet.

  36. Christy says:

    Hi! Like all of the others, would you please send me the file for Olaf? I’m SO excited to see this and can’t wait to make a poster for the kiddos to play “pin the nose on Olaf.” Thanks for your amazing inspiration- you’re a help to all of us who aren’t creative!! 🙂

  37. Hi found you on pinterest…cute, cute, cute party. I was wondering if I too could bother you for the uploadable file. Our party is in 3 weeks and my daughter wants this on the door.
    Thank you,

    • Lovezilla says:

      It has been sent. Good luck!

      • I’m so sorry to bother you, after such a quick reply. Unfortunately like many others I have been unable to locate it, I have checked my inbox, junk mail and trash…. Any ideas? I am receiving comment updates from this post tho so I know the email must be correct. Thank you so much for your time and sharing your great ideas.
        Thanks so much

  38. Stefani says:

    Thank you for sharing all of your awesome ideas, they are really helpful for people like me who are not creative! We are having a Frozen party in a few weeks, and if it is not too much trouble,I would love it if you could send the Olaf file as well so we can make a poster! I know you’ve had several requests, so I understand if you don’t want to send it out again!
    Thank you!

  39. Soooo cute Ideas! You have really creative things here. And I absolutely loved your front-door Olaf. Would it be possible you sent it to me, too? My daughters 6th birthday is coming up and this would be a HUGE hit! Thank you so much!

  40. Rachel V says:

    Thank you for all the amazing ideas! I was wondering if you would mind emailing me the link for the Olaf file. I can’t wait to surprise my daughter with this 🙂

  41. Frozen mom says:

    Would you please send me the Olaf printable file. Thanks!

    • Lovezilla says:

      I sent the file yesterday. Do you have another email address? I think it’s larger than gmail allows.

  42. Hi, would you sent me the olaf file, too, please?
    Thank you so much!

  43. Elizabeth Espi says:

    Hi! Pinterest lead me to your blog! I love this Olaf wreath. I guess it’s safe to say it’s a HUGE hit. I know you’ve gotten this request a thousand times already, but….can you pretty please send me the link for the Olaf PNG file that you used? I’ve been trying to get it to work on Sam’s website for 2 hours. I keep getting a message that the resolution is too low. Thank you and happy I found your blog! Looks like you have cute ideas! Thank you!!

    • Lovezilla says:

      I sent the poster. Hopefully it isn’t too big for your gmail account. Good luck!

      • Elizabeth Espinosa says:

        I didn’t get it. Do u think a yahoo account will work better? Would u mind trying my husband’s yahoo email?

        • Lovezilla says:

          I just sent it. Let me know if you get it. I’m curious if yahoo has larger limits than gmail. Thanks!

          • Elizabeth Espi says:

            I didn’t get it in the yahoo email either. Thanks for trying though. I was able to change it from a pdf to a jpeg. But, when I upload it to sam’s it keeps telling me the resolution is too low for any size bigger than a 4×6. Can you maybe just tell me how you were able to blow it up to poster size without having bad resolution? Thanks for all of your effort. I really appreciate it!

  44. Kelly Wilde says:

    Hi. I was wondering if you could also send me the olaf poster file? Only if you aren’t burnt out of sending it 🙂
    You are very creative! Great job on the party. Your ideas are awesome.
    Thank you!!!

    • Lovezilla says:

      I just sent the poster. Thanks for checking out our blog!

      • Kelly Wilde says:

        Thank you so much. I still don’t see it, but it seems like it might take a little bit to get here by previous posts. Not in my spam either.
        You are awesome.

  45. Elizabeth Espinosa says:

    Where did you get the blue and white lollipops?

    • Elizabeth Espinosa says:

      Also, do u know about how big the wreath u used is? I think I’ve figured out the Olaf poster on Sam’s website. But, I’m trying to decide what size to order. I’m not sure if the 16×20 will be too big as my wreath is not very big. Thanks!

    • Lovezilla says:

      I bought them in the baby shower isle at Walmart. They worked perfectly!

  46. Elizabeth Espi says:

    My Sam’s Club is asking for proof of a copyright release. I told them its all over the Internet as a free printable. But, they aren’t satisfied with that. Any ideas on how to find proof of the copyright release?? Thanks!!

  47. Hi! I was also wondering if you would send me the Olaf door file!! Any ideas on the resolution though? When I tried printing it, it came out really blurry! Thanks!

  48. Absolutely love this, thanks so much for sharing! I printed the Olaf poster as a 16×20 and he’s waiting on our door for my daughters Frozen tea party this weekend!

  49. I have the same question as everyone else. Apparently there are many of us who are not tech savvy! Can you email me the Olaf file too please!

  50. Hi, could you please send me the png for the Olaf printable. Your party looks awesome. Thanks for such great ideas!!!

    • Lovezilla says:

      I just sent the file. Hopefully your gmail account will allow it to come through. It’s a large file. Thanks for your nice comments! Good luck!

  51. This is an awesome party!

    My daughters is this Saturday – any chance I could get the png file emailed to me at:

    It would be most appreciated!

  52. Wonderful ideas! Can you email it to me also? My twins bday party is the 23rd! Thanks so much!

  53. Sorry email is


  54. Hi- your ideas are amazing! My daughters Frozen party is in a few weeks. Would you mind emailing me the poster file as well. Thank you! My email is

    • Lovezilla says:

      It’s been sent. Thanks for checking out our blog and for the nice comments!

      Good luck with the party!

      • Hmmm- It didn’t come through. is it possible to tell me how to change an Adobe file to a JPEG? Sorry to be a pain! 🙂

  55. Hi- I have tried everything to get the olaf picture re-sized myself, but cant, would you mind sending me the pic? Also what size did you order? Thanks

  56. Can you please email me the Olaf file? Thank you! Cant wait for my 3 yr old to see it!!

  57. Hi, could you send me the email you sent Sam’s for the Olaf cut out? I’d LOVE to get one for either of my girls upcoming birthdays!


    • I just sent the file. Hopefully your email provider will allow it to come through. It’s a large file. Good luck with the party!

  58. Hi, Can you email me the Olaf file? Thank you so much!

  59. Hi. May I have the file sent too? Thx you very much!!

  60. Could you please send the Olaf file to me as well? Thank you so much in advance. Also, how big did you print the Olaf picture?

  61. Hello, lovely party! planning my daughters in a couple weeks. Is it possible to email me the file? thx

  62. Hi aim not sure if you sent the file to me or the post before me:-). ? Thx

  63. Sinem Ceviren says:

    could i request a copy of the Olaf file to please

  64. Hello! I love this party! Good for you Mom! Could I also get the PNG file for Olaf? 🙂 It would be much appreciated! Thank you!!!!

  65. Love, love, love! Is there any chance you can send me the png. file as well? Thank you!!!

  66. Hi I found your blog on pinterest and I loved your Frozen party. I just wanted to say I think it’s awsome that you take the time to answer/email all your readers back. It’s great to find nice, helpful people in this world!!! I know this post was written a couple months ago but if you still have the file I would love if you could send it to me for my nieces 4th bday party next month. Thanks again for taking the time to help me and everyone else. I will definitely be reading your blog regularly from now on!!!

    • Lovezilla says:

      Thank you so much for all the nice comments! I sent the file yesterday. Hopefully gmail let it go through. Good luck with your nieces party!

  67. Hi there, so sorry if you emailed me the file, I don’t think I got it! Could you send it again? Thanks so much!!!!

    • Lovezilla says:

      I did send it. I’m assuming that it is larger than gmail allows. Do you have another email and I’ll try to send it to that one?

  68. My little girl is turning 5 in two weeks and while searching for ideas, I came across your blog. Just like others I love it! And just like others I am humbly asking for your png file, I tried doing it myself first, but it didn’t work 🙁
    Also, I am so in love with your wreath, I don’t like those bulky, colorful ones, and this one is so gentle and perfect. How did you make it? Or did you buy it? And what are those white flowers on it, do they last long?

    Thank you!!!!

    • Lovezilla says:

      Thank you for all your nice comments! I just sent the file. I also attached the shop link I purchased my wreath from. Good luck with the party!

      • Sorry, I didn’t get it. I feel so bad for you having to send this file on almost daily basis to other moms. Have you tried Dropbox? It’s free and you can upload really large files, after that you can just post a link for everybody to download it. I am not sure why I don’t have it in my email, hotmail can accept up to 10 MB emails and it’s not in the junk folder. That also means I don’t have a link to the wreath 🙁

  69. hi!
    Could you please email me the png or jpg version of Olaf Printable please?

  70. Katrina Thurs says:

    Great party. We are having our own Frozen themed party at the end of Nov. Wondering if you are still able to send the file of Olaf to me for us to also put on our door as my daughter loves it! Thanks and good work!

  71. Hi I also need the Olaf file thanks

  72. Can you send me the Olaf file please? Daughters birthday is next week and this would be cute for our door as well.

  73. Yikes, I feel bad asking you, but would you send me the old off principal to send to Costco? I try figuring it out on my own, But it seems my brain can just not process how to do it. Super cute ideas! My daughter cannot wait for her birthday!


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