Altoids Tins Are Curiously Helpful

Headphone holderI am a runner.  I love saying that.  There are no requirements to be a runner, other than actually running.  There is no test to pass.  When I run I HAVE to listen to music.  It helps my mind not listen to my body trying to talk itself into turning around and crawling home.  I love my little Altoids tin turned headphone holder.  It’s perfect for throwing in your gym bag or putting in your running shoes so you never leave home without them.  And what’s better than not leaving them at home is not having to detangle them!  I used Mod Podge to attach an inspiring saying.  The instructions are the same as the Tooth Fairy box found here.  Just so we are all clear, you don’t even need to exercise.  Not having tangled headphones are always a bonus, but if you do exercise, happy trails!


  1. What a great idea. I hate untangling my earbuds!!!!!

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