Kickin’ It

Summer is almost over, but don’t put those swimming noodles in storage just yet.  Soccer season has just begun, why not make a obsticle course to practice all those fancy kicks and maneuvers?  This quick course took literally minutes to set up.  All you need are some high quality wire hangers and a few swimming noodles. (One wire hanger for each side of the noodle).

 With heavy wire cutters, cut the hook off of each hanger below the twist and discard it.  Next, straighten the remaining wire a bit, and fold it in half.  Push the hanger into the noodle with the rounded side in, leaving about 6-8 inches of the wire outside of the noodle. (Enough to push down into the grass to give it some support).

Voila! Fini!  Set up your course and let your kiddies kick a ball, run or belly-crawl their way through your noodle creation.

This activity is totally portable and could be moved from back yard to park.  It would be a great activity for your family, a children’s soccer coach, a birthday party game or even family olympics!

Have a ball “Kickin it”!




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