Cold Hard Cash

When my children got older, it became more difficult to choose a gift when they were invited to a birthday party.  It was  easy when I knew every girl wanted a Littlest Pet Shop or Beanie Baby, and every boy wanted a Transformer.  But when they got a little older those in-between ages were perplexing.  You know,  it’s the age children can’t hide the let down on their face, but still manage a “Thank’s, I love it”. (Sigh)

That’s when we started the “Cold Hard Cash” present.  You only need a day’s head start and you can give a gift that’s lots of fun and a hit every time.  Find a freezer proof container and fill it half full of water.  Give it two or three hours in the freezer and then prepare the money.  If you’re using dollar bills, put them in a Ziplock bag, take out all the air and put it on top of the frozen ice.  Weigh it down with a layer of ice cubes.  Next, pour water on top of the ice cubes almost to the top of the container and put it back in the freezer.  If you’re using quarters, do the same thing but you don’t need to weigh it down with ice cubes.

When it’s time for the party, pop the ice out of the container and put it in a Ziplock and  a big piece of cellophane tied with a bow and tag that says:  Break open some “Cold Hard Cash“.

Make sure your kiddies remember to give the gift to an adult to store in the fridge until it’s time to open the gifts.  Try it.  It’s always a “hit”.

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